El cliente.

Photo by  Caroline Attwood

Customer service.

“The customer is always right” is one of the most common quotes when it comes to customer service. I, personally, do not believe that is true, let me explain why…

As business owners we’ve been “trained” to treat clients as if they are always right, no matter how or what is going on. That, actually can lead to several psychological issues when it comes to decision making. Instead of making decisions based on what is best for your business, you go for what is best for the client. Must I remind you that no client is like the other and that trying to please an “idea” of who your client is will never be enough?

Are you having trouble with customer service? Are you tired of complaints? Is your personnel failing? Do we need to spice things up and get things done? Lets do it, together, and focusing on your business and your people, not the client.

Consultancy service includes:

  1. Business overview

  2. Personnel overview

  3. Personnel training

  4. Customer service workshop

  5. Modern customer service “Emergency Kit”

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