Fashion psychology.


There is a lot more to fashion than the idea of dressing up nice. There is an actual psychological coaster behind how fashion works, from patterns and textures all the way to perception and color-science . Whether you are a fashion forward person or simply interested in learning about what hides behind fashion and how it works, this workshop is for you. Or your team.

This, as many may know, is one of my passions. Psycho-Fash, an online blog I had for about 3 years, used to be the space where I’d communicate myself with the world, a website with lots of content I created, all fashion psychology related. The time has come to share all of my expertise with you, but this time face to face!

About the workshop.

This is a 120 minute workshop for those seeking for a science-based explanation of how and what fashion beholds. We will go over the importance of the uniform, the combination between leadership and style, we will solve the mystery behind the famous phrase “I have nothing to wear today”, and will go over how to keep your wardrobe clean and organized. Seems like a lot to go through in so little time, so hit the contact button and lets clear the doubts by making this happen. I can’t wait to lead you through this fashion forward, enjoyable and stress-free workshop.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to understand how fashion works as a science, you will understand the importance of fashion as a leadership skill, and you know all the tips and secrets behind day-to-day wardrobe issues, doubts and concerns.

Workshop includes:

  1. Presentation

  2. Note-taking material

  3. Printed material

  4. Online/digital material

  5. Evaluation form

  6. Coffee break

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