Lo mío.

Photo by  Caroline Attwood

Closet editing.

Lets get things organized. Your room, your closet, your drawers. Together we will go through a process that will soothe our nerves, and make things right, I promise. It does not matter if you have a big walk in closet, a small wardrobe, or just a few drawers, the magic can be done anywhere!

Serving and guiding you as a closet editor, we will go through a thorough process of selection of all your stuff . Choosing what is best for you, your soul and your body. We will go through colors, textures, patterns, shapes and styles. But most importantly, we will end the visit with an organized, clean, easy-access closet.

Editing service includes:

  1. Closet/wardrobe review

  2. Closet/wardrobe cleaning

  3. Clothing selection

  4. Closet/wardrobe organization

  5. Tips on how to keep a closet/wardrobe organized

  6. Suggestions on what items would be necessary to purchase to keep everything in its place

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