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Photo by  Caroline Attwood

Influencer Branding and Community Management

Understanding digital marketing and branding is not that easy. Javi, with his web and social media skills, can help. Lets use Javi’s platform to reach goals, and fulfill expectations, and/or let Javi be the one behind the scenes and answer your following questions : How does social media work? Is there science behind social media platforms? What is a handle? Could you help me manage my social media?

This service is designed for those who need assistance in brand development and digital marketing, specifically, for those brands and businesses that with a little help from an experienced influencer/blogger may and can get better results when selling a service or product using social media as the main anchor.

Consultancy service includes:

  1. Social Media presentation

  2. Brand/business analysis

  3. Brand/business opinion

  4. Digital strategy analysis

  5. Tips for better business-client relationship

  6. Social media scan (improvements)

  7. Community management and engagement plan (in-house or outsourced)

  8. Instagram posts and stories on @javiersegoviab to promote your product

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