Sometimes we have no idea what to do, where to begin, what to answer, who to call, when to stand up, and when to sit down. Javi can help you, your brand, and your business to have the correct answer to these doubts and many more. Lets get things done.


1. Lo mío.

Lets get things organized. Your room, your closet, your drawers. Together we will go through a process that will soothe our nerves, and make things right, I promise.


2. Mi casa, tu casa.

A clean, organized house is the key to having a welcoming and cozy home. Where shall we start; The kitchen, maybe?


3. El Cliente.

“The customer is always right” is one of the most common quotes when it comes to customer service. I, personally, do not believe that is true, let me explain why…


4. Mi marca.

Understanding digital marketing and branding is not that easy. Javi, with his web and social media skills, can help. Lets use Javi’s platform, reach goals, and fulfill expectations.


5. Mi trucha.

Running a small business is not as easy at it sounds, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Let me help you with the essentials: organization, motivation, and willingness to better your trucha.