It doesn't matter if you are setting an example as a leader or being an exceptional follower, hitting the “pause button” on the hectic daily life and taking a moment to refurbish yourself & your brand is ALWAYS necessary. Hit the button. Give Javi a chance and he will, for sure, help and guide you through that pause so that you, or those around you, are set and ready to hit the “play button” again. 

Photo by  Joshua Ness

Photo by Joshua Ness

Me, my self, and I.

We are always told to be happy and live happily, yet, society and it's crazy rules imply we live a life according to certain standards or requirements. If we fail to do so, that means we are not allowed to be happy. This workshop has one main goal: learning what happiness really is.

Photo by  Wayne Low

Photo by Wayne Low

The sky is the limit. 

We are frequently told that limits are for those who give up easily. We listen to those who tell us “Limits are just another mental issue”, “Don’t give up, there is no limit that can stop you”, “The sky is not the limit, keep on going”, and believe them, we seriously set our minds to do as we are told. What would happen if I told you that “the sky is the limit”?

Photo by  Fancycrave

Photo by Fancycrave

Fashion psychology.

There is a lot more to fashion than the idea of dressing up nice. There is an actual psychological coaster behind how fashion works, from patterns and textures all the way to perception and color-science . Whether you are a fashion forward person or simply interested in learning about what hides behind fashion and how it works, this workshop is for you or your team.